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    The quality of every single sponge is controlled.
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    Natural sponges
    They are drawn with respect for nature and are collected by etching a little cut above the root to allow the base to develop its regrowth.
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    Our sponges
    They are selected with the utmost care to size, differentiating the centimeter and for quality choice.
Natural sponges become style accessory

Natural sponges Incorvaia

Natural sponges Incorvaia Over 60 years with our sponges.

SPUGNIFICIO Incorvaia estabilished in Gela in 1949. A family company, with a century of activity 'behind, now occupies an important position among Italian and European companies. Thanks to the tradition and experiences acquired over time, SPUGNIFICIO INCORVAIA can boast an accurate knowledge of the places and all ancient fishing methods that allow a careful processing of the product, valued for beauty, and absorption resisutical, industry and furniture.

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