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    The SPUGNIFICIO Incorvaia born in Gela in 1949.
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    Natural sponges
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    Our sponges
    They are selected with the utmost care to size, differentiating the centimeter and for quality choice.
Natural sponges become style accessory


brief history

The use of the sea sponge is known since ancient Greece. The ancient Romans used it to line the massive metal armor of their soldiers. In the Middle Ages began the use of the sponge in medicine. Around the year 1930 Gela in Sicily the fleet engaged in fishing was second only to that of Mazara. At the end of World War II (1949) in Gela sponge fishing of sea intensify them. The "ships" (boats equipped for sponge fishing) reached a significant number (over 200) and went with the sponge beds around the Mediterranean. The fishing season lasted two months, the sponges were dried on board and placed in special bags of jute. A Gela occurred a first rudimentary processing and selection of sponges, before starting the marketing activities towards nord.Tale 'proved very tiring and sometimes very profitable enough to make it in time, less and less practiced. Few bastions remain to witness the historical continuity ......... .. as SPUGNIFICIO Incorvaia through four generations has managed to maintain an ancient tradition in step with the times.